Complex Cases

Are you holding on to a particular case for longer than you would like? If you find yourself in this position it might be worth seeking guidance from an experienced third party. Sometimes an outside perspective might be all you need to get you back on track.

Here at Johnson Paraplanning, we have gained experience working with Partners on a multitude of cases. We also have the time and resources to research and work through those difficult issues with you.

We recognise the challenges Partners often face with the many different areas of financial advice and the varying needs of clients. Difficulties may arise from a complex investment or a certain provider causing further delays and headaches.

Part of providing a great service to your clients includes responding to their needs in a timely manner. This can often prove to be difficult when trying to manage your Practice along with client expectations. By working with us and taking a team-based approach we will help improve the quality of service you are able to provide.

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